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Opus Norden´s main focus is on classical and modern Nordic music and to increase the knowledge and interest in the Nordic musical tradition. On this page you can read about the coming concerts.


Opera and Operettas coming

Choir ensembles of Opus Norden are from 6 to 67 years. we have 5 different ensembles the Alice Tegner-ensemble, the Supergroup, the Children-, Youth- and Adult ensembles. In Januari we will start two new ensembles for children 7 years, The Astrid Lindgrens ensemble and one singalong group for adults.

 This term we will studie Benjamin Britten

The Golden Vanity, Danderydsgården May 16th
Photo: The score we use


Choir-ensembles and soloists from Opus Nords music-school

Opus Norden start new courses in January to prepare our spring concerts. An opera by Benjamin Britten: The Golden Vanity for the child- and youth-ensembles, My Fair Lady for the singalong group on Mondays 7.15-8.45 PM and Purcell´s Dido and Aeneas for all ensembles. Would you like to participate? Please come for an audition!
Click at the picture and read more about our education of kids and adults. If you are an adult or pensioner and want to play, sing or sing in a choir, there is more info under Music courses. A shortcut: here


Soloists: Opus Norden´s children and youths now have reached such a high level that we are prepared to present operas. These take a long time to learn and rehearse. We will make The Golden Vanity an opera by Benjamin Britten in May. In parallell we will rehearse Purcell´s Dido and Æneas, a one hour long opera written for a girl school in London in the 17th Century.

Ensembles: Opus Norden´s ensembles for kids, youths and adults often sing together. Purcell´s Dido and Æneas includes both a base and a tenor although it was written for school girls. In those days, the level of musicality among musicians, children and adults was very high in England and therefore this music is of a very high quality, hence also the difficulty.
My Fair Lady is an operetta taken up by "Rösttränarna". The course starts August 26th. In the end it will come out as a singalong concert like the one we made with Sound of Music. A lot of notes and texts will be studied! No stress. All ensembles who like this will take part in this work.


Soloists from Opus Nordens Music school all sing for Ragna who also conducts the ensembles.

We will sing My Fair lady with all other ensemvbles in all ages

Singalong concert with My Fair Lady-theme will be performed when we are ready, maybe in 2021.
Photo: The score we use


Kids and adults often sing together

Dido and Æneas we start studying now.
Photo: The score we use


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