Astrid Lindgren´s songs

Choir-school for 7 year old kids - 1st class

The new course starts week 2
meet with Ragna in a playful audition before the course

Opera and Operettas coming

The course is for children who wish to sing together with others. Everybody can sing, but to do it with others is a greater challenge.
The goal is to playfully develop the kid´s voice and ear, increasing their self-confidence and making singing more enjoyable.

Watch and listen to one of Ragna´s children-choirs from the record ”Ri-ri på Islandshest” with Åssiden school-choir.


Choir-school in Danderyd

Autumn term course: 15 lessons/concert
Spring term course: 17 lessons/concert

Try On Course Fee per child: 3 x 30 minutes
+ one individual lesson, 15 minutes

Next try-on course februari 2021


Course Content:

Singing technique is trained by a more advanced technique then for the preparands.
The children´s choir continues to make sounds that affect the breething technique, learn how to control different voice registers and sound.
Children´s choir learn and train how to have the body relaxed during singing. Muscles used for breething, those around the vocal cords and those affecting the body balance.
Barnkören använder rörelser och dans som verktyg. Allt är en enda kul lekstund fylld med allvar och skratt. Vi sjunger även lite ”vanliga” övningar.

Children´s choir starts it´s ear training with a Major scale where the kids firstly will learn the keynote, remember notes and be able to practice them. For this we use a special game. This is also the first stem to learn to read and write notes. We also train how to differ between small and large seconds (half and whole notes) and also how to sing these.

The rythms are first learned by mimicing rythm patterns and rythm words used by the conductor. We read new songs with rythm words.
Barnkören börjar att läsa och skriva noter.

The Children´s choir sings in keys adapted to the children´s vocal cords.


Questions are welcome!

Would you like to sing Pippi´s song?

Pippi långstrump

Opus Norden´s studio Nora Torg 57 Danderyd

Thursdays: 5-5.30 PM
The slot may be changed autumn 2020

Participants: minimum 4 children, no previous experience required. A playful audition with Ragna. The kids kan look at the locals and meet with Ragna peacefully and quiet.The kids should have about the same level of knowledge. Everything playfully organized.

Try-on course, fee per child:
990 SEK

Autumn-term fee per child:
15 x 30 minuter 4.275 SEK
Spring-term fee per child:
17 x 30 minuter 4.845 SEK

Notes will be charges separately

Teacher: Ragna Fagelund teacher of singing, singer, conductor of choir and orchestra

Application: click here Application is binding but may be transferred to others.