Note! This registration form is only for those who already have a slot in a course.

If you are interested in attending a music course here at Opus Norden kindly email Ragna Fagelund through the contact form here at the webpage under the tab contact.

Registration form

First name, last name. Example: Maria Lundberg

Opus Norden is active on social media. We take photographs during concerts and sometimes during lessons.

In order to see how we work we ask you to take a look.

We only write the pupil´s first name.

Choose if you want to be on the pictures alone or in a group as well as which social media sites you would like to be in.

Which social media would you like your child to be visible in? Uncheck every option if you do not want your child to appear in social media.

Registration and payment rules for the Music School


Registration: on the website sign up page. Try On Courses by e-mail. Registration is binding but may be transfered to others. Registration should be made by parent, guardian or an adult, thereby accepting the conditions for payment. The membership of the music school is automatically renewed every term.


If you want to unsubscribe without payment, please unregister at the unregister form before August 15th or December 15th, before start of next term Later unsubscription costs 500 SEK in administration fee. Participation in the first lesson of the term means that you accept the conditions and intend to stay for the rest of the term. For Try On Courses, unregistration is not required.


A term always means 15 occasions during autumn and 17 during spring, occasion meaning lesson, rehearsal or concert. Interruption during school holidays.


Term fee. An invoice is sent by e-mail at the term start. Payment date is noted. Please pay in time to avoid extra work and extra costs! You can also pay using Swish.


It is important to write the child’s name and the invoice number when paying. Payment is binding and not repaid should your child not continue the course. We have the same rules as other similar institutions.


Non-attendance. Should a teacher be ill, a supply teacher will be engaged, or a lesson will be arranged at another day.


The school can not arrange another lesson should the pupil stay away due to illness or other cause.


Should something unpredictable occur, our ambition is to find a solution suiting both parts.


If questions, please contact Ragna Fagelund.      Mobile 0709-726 728


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