Lisbeth Boalt

Advisor, Opus Norden´s Music preschool

Lisbeth Boalt is a social worker and has worked as chief of the social service in Danderyd and Sollentuna for12 years.

Lisbeth Boalt was then the chief of schools and preschools in Sollentuna for three years.

In 2001 Lisbeth Boaltstarted a preschool and school company: Inspira preschools and schools.
She worked there as deputy CO and HR chief until her pension in 2014.
Inspira prescools grew and had 600 employees when Lisbeth left.

Lisbeth Boalt birns for HR issues. It is a fascinating process to find solutions that suits all parts.
With her engagement in Opus Norden´s Music prescool she is hoping for a new challenge!

Wellcome with your questions!

Lisbeth Boalt is one of our advisors

Lisbet Boalt is one of our advisors