Homage to Frida Kahlo


A scenic and musical homage to the Mexican artist FRIDA KAHLO.
In 2014 it was 60 years since her death.


Duo CANTILENA tributes FRIDA with exciting music by A.Piazzolla, J.Ibért, M.Ravel, E.Satie, E. Bozza, Eva Möller and Frida´s own colorful paintings.

The audience also take part of Frida´s eventful life through her own letters.

En scenery develops with traces of the woman and artist Frida, her paintings and photos shown on large screen.

The audience is taken into a world of joy, sorrow, fascination and admiration.

Duo CANTILENA has already made this show on 30 different appreciated occations around Sweden
They often cooperates with art association, communes and chamber musicians

The performance takes 60 minutes !

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Review from Piteå Festival in June 2015:
"Cantilena´s interplay and communication with the audience tell us that they have played together for many years. Amazing guitarist, amazing flutist, amazing repertoire and setup!" "The story is tied together with well chosen music. Alltogether 16 pieces are performed with sharpness and empathy, creating an intensive and intimate atmosphere troughout the performance." " A stilish feeling for nuances dominates this concert experience both musically and the way stories are told. Duo Cantilena is from now on my list over favorite Festival artists!"