How to sing with patients - singalong

with a repertoire for elderly.

A course for people working with old or sick patients at various institutions. Singing together is documented to be a good way to make patients feel more at home and cooperate better. Most people can sing, but strong unison singing to support old patients is a challenge. The goal is to develop empoyees´ voices and ears to increase their self-confidence in joyful singing with the patients.

Courses at three levels.

”tone-deaf” beginners- beginners - middle level

Advanced level.


  • Basic voice- and singing technique
  • Basic rythm- and note-reading.
  • Practice on actual repertoire


  • Course 1 Sings that the elderly learned as youngsters
  • Course 2 Songs hymns
  • Course 3 Jazz-standars (popmusic for elderly)
  • Course 4 Classical songs (i.e. Bachs Nu grönskar det)
  • Course 5 Party songs, "nubbevisor"
  • Course 6 Seasonal songs

Course: 8 x 60 min
Dates: by appointment
Place: at the institution
Participants: empoyees

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