Agnas x 2

Sabina Agnas - Guitar & Urban Agnas - Trumpet

During Spring of 2013 Sabina and Urban made a successful tour with ESTRAD NORR and in September 2014 a similar performance with MUSIC IN GÄVLEBORG !

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The ever-changing AHORA AQUÌ - HEAR & NOW with AGNAS X 2, a variable and changing program with trumpeter URBAN AGNAS & guitarist SABINA AGNAS. A thrilling repertoir with the help of cajon & tamburin interlaces with charming presentations in a relaxed and light-hearted manner.
The title comes from the Spanish-influenced music, but also expresses a wish to be "right now". F. Garcia Lorca, Eva Möller, Salvador Valenzuela, Sefardian songs from the 16th Century, Erik Satie, Gaspar Sanz, Monteverdi, Beatles, Sabina Agnas....


Release in April 2015 with our first CD together " AHORA AQUÍ " Spring 2017, a tour with with MUSIC I VÄSTERNORRLAND.

New record: Ahora Aquí

Review of the CD in OPUS by David Härenstam: "With an almost crazy curiosity have I waited for this record from Agnas, is is a combination of instruments seeming impossible to sound well together with the tone-weak classical guitar and a pointy trumpet. All my fears were nullified already in the first part, composed by Sabina herself. Almost like a statement she opens with a long silence, some background noise and week, week guitar-flagolets. I guess one must thank the sound technician får much of this, because in fact, the soft sordined trumpet makes the perfect partner to the finely tuned and so beutifully played guitar.

It does not sound like an ordinary classical record but rather like a mixture of tunes which "happen" to contain composers like Ravel, de Falla and Eric Satie. The duo really have such an own sound that you are not disturbed when they suddenly play Lennon/McCartney´s Blackbird or when Konrad Agnas comes along with percussion in swinging Ausencia composed by Salvador Valenzuela. All is beautiful, easy and wonderful, the surprice of the year!"

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