Teambuilding combined with Singing

Adjusted to kick-offs and educational meetings


Introduction / presentation

  • To achieve a good voice, different muscles need training. Therefore: physical training!
  • 50% of the message you wish to convey is told by your body language
  • And 35% by the sound of your voice
  • 7% of how you verbalize, the rhetoric.


Voice training

Warming up the voices. Here, we teach elementary voice training


  • A trained voice increases the speakers authority, i.e. good for all chiefs
  • A trained voice enlarges the confidence in salespeople
  • Will you give many lectures, it is wise to have the voice in good training
  • With a voice strengthened by training, you run less risk of getting hoarse by overwork etc
  • Since the sound of your voice determines 35% of the message, it is of course good if it is nice listening to!
  • You get a strong and beautiful voice faster if you add singing to the voice training


  • We use different musical parameters to increase cooperation to achieve good results.
  • To both adapt to the group and take initiatives depending on the situation
  • Tricks to make a group sound like a choir
  • The importance of feelings to create dynamics and engagement
  • Tools to achieve good results
  • Creativity and structure


Practical training:

  • Singing
  • The pleasure of singing:physical, psychic, economical
  • Note scale
  • The building block in musical communication
  • How to absorb information
  • How to help each other
  • Singing
  • Listening is trained with chords
  • A final song!

  • Welcome with your interest!