Ragna Fagelund - Teacher

Ragna Fagelund

Curriculum Vitae

Ragna Fagelund started at the age of 13 as an assisting conductor in Åssiden school choir, Drammen, Norway. Already at 16 she was enrolled at Drammen Music school as one of the choir conductors and as an instructor of wooden flute playing.

Ragna Fagelund finished her formal education as a singing teacher (160p) at Buskerud Music Conservatory in 1993. Ragna Fagelund taught singing and conducting at Drammen Music School in 1977-1989. During this period, Ragna Fagelund also conducted other choirs in Drammen and was enrolled as teacher for other choir leaders.

Ragna Fagelund completed her education as a conductor (80p) at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm in 1991.

Ragna Fagelund again teaches singing since 2004.

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