Ragna Fagelund Orchestra-Conductor

Ragna Fagelund

Ragna Fagelund has worked with music since early childhood, an interest that led to studies with the world-famous conductor Sir Colin Davis in London 1997-1999.

Ragna Fagelund has also studied with Prof. Kjell Ingebretsen at The Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm
Prof. Jorma Panula,
Prof. Karl Österreicher,
Prof. Werner Matsche,
Prof. Kurt Rapf.

Ragna Fagelund started as conductor in Stockholms Academic orchestra and Vattenfalls salongs-orkester. For some years she conducted different amateur-orchestras in Stockholm, Kristianstad, Karlstad, Karlshamn, Härnösand and Falun, Inderöy, Drammen, Kristiansund.

Ragna Fagelund has conducted a number of professional Symphonic bands in Trondheim, Horten, Halden and Stockholm. She has competed in Norwegian conductors competition together with The Radio Symphony Orchestra and the Budapest Philharmonics. She has conducted concerts with Wiener Sinfonietta, Dalasinfoniettan and
Opus Norden Symphony Orchestra.


Conducted works:


Beethoven: Symphony nr 1, 2, 4, 6, 8
Britten: Simple Symphony
Dvorak:Symphony nr 9, "The New World"
Grieg: Symphony in C-minor
Gounod: Petite Symphonie
Franck: Symphony D-minoph
Haydn: Symfoni nr 1, 94, 98,101,102,103,104
Mendelssohn. Symphoni nr 5, Sinfonia no7 D-major
Mozart: Salzburgsymphoni nr 3,
Symphoni nr 35 and 40
Prokofiev: Classical Symphony, op 25
Raff: Sinfonietta, op 188
Roman: Symfoni nr 18
Schubert: Symphoni nr 3, 5 and 8
Schumann: Symphoni nr 1 and 4
Strauss: Fröliche Werkstatt op posth.
Svendsen: Symphony nr 1 and 2
Valen: Symphony nr 4, op 43


Johann Strauss:
Eine Nacht in Venedig
(staged performanceceniskt )


Mozart: The Magic flute: ouverture, nr 2, 3, 7, 8, 14, 15, 17,
Don Giovanni: nr 10, 21b, 23

Works for choir and orchestra

Brahms: Schicksalslied
Britten: Missa Brevis, Hymn to S:t Cecilia, Rejoice in the Lamb and AMDG.
Haydn: Missa S:t Bernard v. Offida (Heilige Messe)
Händel: Messias
Roman: Jubilate
Schubert: Mässa in G-Dur
Vivaldi: Gloria, D-Dur

Smaller works for orchestra

Conducted works:


Brahms: Academic Festival Ouverture
Charpentier: Prélude från Te Deum
Forsberg: Introitus
Gade: Nachklänge von Ossian
Glinka: Ouv. Russlan and Ludmilla
Groven: Hjalar-Ljod
Hayd: L'Isola disabitata
Hovland: Festival ouverture
Mendelsohn: The Hebrides
Mozart: The Marriage of Figaro, The Magic Flute, The Impressario
Nielsen Carl: Pan and Syrinx op. 49
Nystedt: The Land of Suspense, op 19
Offenbach: Belle Hélène
Rossini: Il signor Bruschino,
L´Italiana in Algeri ,
La scala di seta and Wilhelm Tell
Strauss J: Die Flädermaus
Uddén: Lustspelsuvertyr

Suites and dances

Bach: Orkestersvit nr 2, Badinerie and nr 3 D-Dur
Brahms: Hungarian dances nr 5, 6, 7
Copland: The red pony, Rodeo: Hoe-Down
Debussy: Petite Suite
Enesco: Roumanian Rhapsody No 1
de Frumerie: Suite from St John´s Eve
Dvorak: Slavian dances nr 1, 4 and 8
Fauré: Pavane
Grieg: Norwegian dances, Holberg Suite, op 40
Halvorsen: Suite Ancienneop 31
Hayd: Divertimento for winds
Kallstenius: Suite, op 23
Lars- Erik Larsson: Pastoralsuite, op 19
Johansen M: Pan, op 22
Lumbye: The Copenhagen Steam Railway Galop, Champagne Galop
Respighi O: The Pines of Rome
Strauss: Kaiserwalzer, An der schönen blauen Donau. Du und Du (see small works)
Svendsen: Festpolonaise and Rapsodie Norvegienne nr 4, Zorahayda, op 11
Stravinsky: The rite of spring, first part


Albinoni: Oboe concert nr 3, B-major
Boldeman: 4 Epitaphs
Brahms: Violin concert D-major
Chopin: Piano concert nr 1, F-minor
Crusell: Airs Suédois
Grieg: Piano concert A-minor and several songs
Hayd: Cello concert D-major
Hermansson: Oboe concert
Hvoslef: Concert for bassoon and strings
Händel: Organ concert
Mahler: Kindertotenlieder
Mendelsohn: Violin concert E-minor, op 64
Mozart: Sinfonia concertante E flat major (K364 and K 297b), Horn concert nr 1,Andante in C-major, flute and orchestra (K315), Violin concert nr 5 (K219)
Rosauro N:Concert for marimba and winds
Rossini: Introduction, theme and variations for clarinet and orchestra
Schumann: Pianoconcerto A-minor, op 54
Sibelius:5 Songs
Svendsen: Romance for violin
Strauss R: Horn concerto in E flat-major nr 1
Sylvén: Cupol, (clarinet solo)
Söderlundh: Concertino for oboe and string orchestra.
Telemann: Viola concert G-major
Torelli:Concert in D for trumpet and string orchestra
Weber. Concert nr 1 in F-minor
Vivaldi: Bassoon concert nr 8 F-major

Modern music

Bucht: Musica Bothniae
Honegger: Pastorale d´Eté
Hundsnes: Transoboic fusion
Karkoff M: Chamber Concert nr 2, op. 120
A short symhony op. 147
Linde: Consertante Music, op 27
Nordheim: Nachruf
Rehnqvist: Taromirs time
Valen: La Isla de las Calmas, Symphonie nr 4
Several first performances of works Forsberg, Hermansson, Häggdahl, Lidström, Nystedt and Peters