Elisabeth Kihl

Advisor, Opus Norden´s Music preschool

Elisabeth Kihl worked 1971 – 1977 at BUP in Umeå. BUP= Children´s and Youth´s psyciatric unit.

1978-2016 Elisabeth Kihl was chief of the preschools of Danderyd´s kommun.

Elisabeth Kihl has been preschool chief at Gethagen´s , Hildingavägen´s, Vitsippan´s, Norra Åsgård´s and Altorp´s preschools.

Elisabeth Kihl has experience in how to start new preschools. Elisabeth has also for some time been responsible for the development of preschools in Danderyd´s kommun.

Elisabeth Kihl feels a great pleasure to be the advisor of a preschool with orientation towards classical music.

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Elisabeth Kihl is one of our advisors

Elisabeth Kihl one of our advisors
Foto: Ragna Fagelund