Choir-school for children 6-20 years

Opus Norden is training choir singing with many children. Our groups are small so that every child gets much attention. Groups are between 4-14 kids.

They are divided in age groups so that the education is adapted to the child´s development. We do a lot of singing technique, learn notes, rhythms and ear training. In the Choir school we teach by having fun. We explore the possibilities in the voice and the body. Every lesson is like a small gym for the brain!

Music-School starts in week 2


Från Sound of Music 23 mars 2019

Foto: Torbjörn Pettersson

Opera and Operettas coming

Listen and look at the recording from one of Ragna Fagelund´s children-choirs, called (Ride on a Island-horse)
”Ri-ri på Islandshest” with Åssiden school-choir and Erik Bye.



  • Technique of voice and singing
  • Reading of notes and rhythm
  • Practical training on tunes/melodies adapted to your level

Pupils: minimum 4 children. No previous singing experience required. The children of the group will have approximately the same level.

Teacher: Ragna Fagelund teacher of singing, singer, conductor of choir and orchestra

Place: Opus Norden´s Studio, Nora Torg 57, Danderyd

Try on Course: 3x30/ 45 minutes
+ one individual lesson 15 minutes

Autumn term course: 15 lectors/concert
Spring term course: 17 lectors/concert


Application: click here.

Welcome with your questions!

Basic fee :
30 minutes 330 SEK
45 minutes 385 SEK
60 minutes 445 SEK

Try On Course Fee per child:
990 sek (3 x 30 min)
1.155 sek (3 x 45 min)

Welcome with your questions!

Choir school in Danderyd

Place: Opus Norden´s Studio, Nora Torg 57 Danderyd
Date for individual singing lesson: will be agreed.

Spring 2021 Preparands 6 year olds

Alice Tegnér´s songs 8 year olds: 4:45-5:30

For those used to sing. A playful test for those who have not met Ragna before.
Child ensemble from 10 years: 3:30-4:30 PM
Supergroup 9 year olds: 4.30-5.30 PM
Child&youth ensemble from 13 years: 5:30-7:00 PM

Wednesdays - The slot may be changed autumn 2020

Thursdays - The slot may be changed autumn 2020
Astrid Lindgren 7 year olds:
A new group forms in januari 2020. A playful test for those who have not met Ragna before.


Fee for autumn term per Child:
15 x 30 minutes 4.275 SEK
15 x 45 minutes 5.100 SEK
15 x 60 minutes 5.850 SEK

Fee for spring term per Child:
17 x 30 minutes 4.845 SEK
17 x 45 minutes 5.780 SEK
17 x 60 minutes 6.630 SEK