Irina Mogilevsky was born in Russia in 1975, Israeli resident since 1991. Ira currently lives in Stockholm.

Irina Mogilevsky is a graduate of the Jerusalem Academy of Music where she studied jazz-piano and composition.

Irina Mogilevsky also studied music for film and theater with Slava Ganelin.

Irina Mogilevsky completed her postgraduate studies at the Stockholm Royal College of Music in electro-acoustic music, jazz and film scoring.

Irina Mogilevsky has composed music for films and theater plays.


Irina Mogilevsky has performed concerts with her own music and jazz at many jazz-clubs and festivals in Israel and Scandinavia (Umeå Jazz Festival 2003, Kallott Jazz and Blues festival 2004, Kaamos International Jazz Festival, Glenn Miller Jazz Club, Fasching Jazz Club and others).

In Sweden Irina Mogilevsky cooperates with many well known artists as: Jonas Knutsson, Fredrik Ljungkvist, Jair Rohm Parker Wells and many others.

Ira also teaches piano.

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