A Tribute to Frida Kahlo

Duo Cantilena
Sabina Agnas guitar
Anna Boman Hall fluit


Fire and Passion

Kristin Malmborg
Henrik Berg


Sebastian Stevenson
Asuka Nakamura

Female composers

Ragna Fagelund song - Kristina Holm piano

There is a hidden musical treasure composed by women. Conventions through centuries have said that music composed by females should only be played at home.
Ragna Fagelund mezzosopran and Kristina Holm pianist takes you on a trip through two centuries, both touching and amusing.

Kristina Holm - Pianist

Mahler & Mahler

Ragna Fagelund song - Kristina Holm piano

Two composers, two individuals, only one was allowed do develop his talent. Music by the couple Alma and Gustav Mahler!

200 years of Peace


Semmy Stahlhammer violin - Karin Haglund piano Ragna Fagelund song - Petter Svenberg confrancier

Concert program focusing on the cooperation between Swedish and Norwegian artists during the Union time and the new stiles appearing following the peaceful end of the Union between Sweden and Norway. This means that we now can celebrate 200 years of peace in Sweden.