Silja Levander - Pianist

Silja Levander comes from Finland, moved to Stockholm in 2014 for studies at the Royal Music School. She now has taken a Master class in classical music with piano as main instrument, with professor Staffan Scheja as her mentor.

Silja Levander has participated in several master classes, with Matti Raekallio, Severin von Eckardstein, Michael Roll och Emanuel Krasovsky and others.

Silja Levander has also won competitions, been invited to play at the Stockholm Piano Festival, got stipends from the Finish Cultural Foundation, The Swedish Royal Academy of Music and the Swedish Freemasons.

Silja Levander also has educations in teaching, costumes and design.

Silja Levander likes to mix her different talents which has led to for instance unusual piano konserts with a visual concept: which dress and background is best together with a piano sonato by Beethoven?

Silja Levanders teaching knowledge is used both in teaching piano and organizing customizing workshops for used clothes.
Now she will start daytime piano lessons aimed for pensioners.

Silja Levander has performed in various manners, as a solo pianist, alone or with an orchestra, in an ensemble, as an accompanist or even as a keyboardist in a garage-punkband.

Silja Levander is always looking for new and exciting contacts, open for all kinds of projects! Lately, she has been working with different choirs in order to open a pop-up design studio in Sickla. She claims: "You may say that I am full of surprises".

Silja plays Rachmaninov and Albeniz

 Silja efter Sound of Music konserten 2016

Foto: Åsa Wilk