Kina Sönstevold, Baroque-flutist

Kina Sönstevold started early with music. Since her father played the organ, her first instrument was the piano.

When she was 13, she heard a flutist play the tenor aria in Bach´s Christmas oratorio. This was in Umeå. Then, the flute became her instrument.

Kina Sönstevold studied at Umeå Music School, made the student exam and then went to Framnäs folkhögskola, the music line.

Kina Sönstevold later entered Göteborg´s Conservatory for studies with flutist Gerard Schaub and piano with Ingmar Bergfeld.

Kina Sönstevold was hired rapidly, already efter three years she played at Göteborg´s Stadsteater. There, Kina remained for a year, also teaching.

In 1978 Kina Sönstevold joined the Marseille Conservatory, studying conducting and flute.

After three years Kina Sönstevold moved to Paris for private flute studies, she stayed there for a year.

Since her homesicknes increased, Kina returned to Sweden and Stockholm. She directly got a position at the Royal Music School where she remained for seven years.

Kina Sönstevold has during all years been freelancing as a flutist. She also made much chamber music in churches around Stockholm.

Since 1986 Kina Sönstevold has lived in Täby.

Kina Sönstevold has also been a flute teacher at Nordenfeldt Music School in Danderyd since 2000. During the last 16 years, she has been teaching flute and piano at Kulturskolan in Täby.

Katarina underviset även hos opus Norden.

Photo: Knut Sönstevold

"The barock flute became very important for me. I have had the privilege to play much barock music in various ensembles and orchestras! Also been a member of La Monica trio, resulting in a CD. Suzanne Persson on teorb, Knut Sönstevold on barock bassoon and myself plaing baroque flute."

Kina Sönstevold has also accompanied her husband Knut on the piano during a period.