Helene Eriksson

Pianist - Music Theorist - Educator - Researcher

Helene Eriksson is graduated from the The Royal College of Music, Stockholm, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music (piano performance) and a Postgraduate Diploma in Music Theory. She also has a PhD in Musicology and an extensive experience of teaching music from Lilla Akademien, Yamaha Music School and The Royal Academy of Music. Besides, Helene has worked in field of music research..

Helene Eriksson is a trained pianist, music theorist, researcher, and educator. She has taught students of all ages, even the youngest.

As an educator, Helene Eriksson wishes to convey the joy of playing and the deep interest in music that she herself experiences.

In her pedagogy, Helene Eriksson combines the classical piano tradition with her experience in music theory teaching, research and singing, and she is used to adapting her teaching based on the student's age, needs, and objectives.

For Helene Eriksson, it is an important and inspiring task to be able to convey classical music to new students, and she looks forward to starting work at Opus Norden.

Helene Eriksson has a special interest in singing, and during the end of her studies she worked as hourly amanuensis in accompaniment at the Vocal Department, The Royal College of Music. Today, Helene's interest in singing is an important part of her pedagogy, both in piano playing and music theory.

A great source of inspiration for Helene Erikssons's teaching are the educators she herself has had the privilege of meeting, both during her studies at The Royal College of Music and in other musical contexts.

Particularly important have been her head teacher of piano, Tamara Jeltova, the pianists Elena Jordan and Albena Zaharieva, senior lecturers P-G Alldahl, Lars-Erik Rosell, and Inga-Lill Sundin, and professors Matti Raekallio and Bo Wallner.

Helene Eriksson languages of instruction are Swedish, English and German.

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Helene har en gedigen utbildning som pianist, teoripedagog och forskare

Helene Eriksson

As a pianist, Helene Eriksson has performed as a soloist, chamber musician and accompanist, and participated in several national and international masterclasses.

Helene Eriksson has additionally been awarded a large number of scholarships, including from The Royal Swedish Academy of Music, The Royal College of Music and the Helge Ax:son Johnson Foundation.

Helene Eriksson has also worked in the research programme Humans Making Music under the direction of prof. Fredrik Ullén at the Karolinska Institute.